A relatively new form of hair loss treatment, scalp micropigmentation has been used by more than 100,000 American men and women to camouflage genetic hair loss, alopecia and head scars. Ever-increasing in popularity, scalp micropigmentation is the fastest growing baldness solution of modern times.

Scalp pigmentation is often called scalp micropigmentation or a hair tattoo. All three names refer to the same technique, however there are significant differences in the quality of procedure from one clinic to the next. Poorly skilled technicians produce treatments that migrate or discolor, failing to perfectly reproduce the appearance of real hair follicles. Clients of Scalp Masters Of Atlanta are assured of first class quality, every time.

Genetic pattern hair loss is hereditary, and unfortunately unavoidable. Remedies such as Propecia and Proscar (brand names for the drug finasteride) or Rogaine and Kirkland (minoxidil-based treatments) serve only to slow down the loss of hair for some people, and in most cases, do not provide any benefit at all. Hair transplants only move hair from one place to another and require sufficient donor hair to work, whilst hair systems and concealers often make users more anxious, not less. There’s a short video below to explain the process…

Sergiy performing scalp micropigmentation 2



Scalp micropigmentation is the ONLY permanent fix for hair loss that is 100% guaranteed to work. Safe, dependable and requiring very little maintenance, SMP creates a youthful and modern style that is accepted by all people from all walks of life.

Scalp Masters Atlanta are the most highly trained and experienced scalp pigmentation provider in Georgia, and one of the very best clinics of our kind in the United States. Our hair simulation techniques are highly evolved, producing an ultra-realistic 3D textured effect to make our pigmentation virtually undetectable to the naked eye. This enables our clients to return to their everyday lives, free from anxiety or concern.

We provide a simple and affordable solution for hair loss, alopecia and hair transplant scars, serving both male and female clients from our clinic in Atlanta, Georgia. For a free consultation and quotation please contact our team.


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