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The art of hair tattooing is commonly used as a cosmetic cover-up solution for men and women who are losing their hair. As Atlanta’s leading specialist for this type of baldness camouflage, Scalp Masters Of Atlanta produce the best, most realistic replications of real hair in Georgia.

Usually referred to as scalp micropigmentation, the hair tattoo technician places thousands of tiny pigment deposits into the dermal layer of the scalp. Each ‘dot’ represents one shaven hair follicle. When seamlessly blended with the clients remaining hair, the result is an undetectable illusion of a full head of shaven hair.

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We help our clients overcome a wide range of hair loss issues. For our male clients, we are able to cover up the effects of standard genetic hair loss, often referred to as male pattern baldness. We also work with men who are experiencing alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, drug-induced hair loss and those with hair transplant scars they wish to hide.

Our female clients are growing in number, and come to Scalp Masters for a variety of reasons. Many are showing the symptoms of alopecia, whereas others have thinning hair linked to hormonal imbalances, childbirth (postpartum hair loss) and stress.

For those considering a hair tattoo treatment, it is crucial to choose the right clinic because the quality of result varies significantly from one provider to the next. Most clinics that advertise a scalp pigmentation service are not sufficiently skilled to deliver the world class result you deserve. Furthermore, clients should never go to a regular tattoo parlor for this procedure as the technique used is highly specialized.

Scalp Masters Of Atlanta is headed by Milla Rosen and Serge Bovbalan, two of the most skilled and experienced SMP technicians in the United States. Our results speak for themselves, as does our long list of satisfied clients who recommend our clinic to their friends, family and co-workers. For more information or to arrange a consultation, please contact our team.

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