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Our scalp micropigmentation procedure demonstrated on a male client with pale skin and almost total hair loss. As you can see, our work is of the highest quality, with a seamless transition from the treated areas to the clients real hair.

This client didn’t want to shave his hair, but instead wanted to keep his hair a little longer and maximize the density he had left. Scalp micropigmentation enabled him to achieve this, but he still has the option to shave his hair if he later chooses.

A typical density enhancing procedure for a client who had previous had a hair transplant. As you can see, his transplanted density was not consistent throughout his hair, however scalp pigmentation enabled us to produce the appearance of density that he wanted.

Our hair tattoo techniques work very well for African American clients. We use dark pigments to recreate the most realistic illusion of real hair possible.

Another pale skinned client, demonstrating how scalp micropigmentation is used to hide even advanced hair loss. This client also had a surgical scar that is now much less visible after his treatment.

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